Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s get real, us as woman have an innate desire to look and feel beautiful in our everyday lives. On the blog today I’ll be presenting you with six makeup mistakes — and most importantly how to avoid them. Whether you’re a beginner at applying makeup or a professional make-up artist, everyone makes mistakes and at the end of the day we all learn from them.

1. Applying concealer wrong.

Concealer is essential in a woman’s make-up collection — used to camouflage dark circles, blemishes, redness, etc. However application techniques are very important in achieving the best results. While it must seem just perfectly fine to just apply concealer in a circle over your dark circles. But applying it in an upside-down triangle or ‘v’ shape below the eye instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted.

2. Using the wrong shade of foundation.

The skin on our face tends to be lighter than the rest of our body. To test if your foundation is the right color for your skintone, the best place to test would be the jawline. Matching your foundation to this area when choosing a shade means you’ll be less likely to buy a formula that’s too dark for your face.

3. Applying your make-up too soon/too late after moisturizing.

This step is very important because if the moisturizer is still wet in certain spots, products applied on top will appear blotchy on the skin. Wait atleast 5 minutes until the moisturizer is fully absorbed into the skin then apply your make-up.

4. Over-powdering.

Powders can be great — to set your makeup. But go easy! Because over-doing it will make your skin appear cakey and it can sink into any fine lines or winkles and magnify them. Less is more. To avoid this you want to use a big fluffy powder brush to apply a light dust of powder all over the face. Another quick tip is to use a setting spray. This will help to settle the powder and seal your make-up and keep it in place all day.

5. Not wearing a primer.

I was never really a primer girl until recently because I thought I have dry skin. Eh, why would I need it? That’s until I eventually started testing out a few and now I’m hooked. Primers help to smooth out the skin’s surface ensuring your foundation glides on easiler. They also help with the longevity of your make-up. There are tons of different ones available to choose from, cream, gel and powder formula’s — ones to help with various skin concerns, enlarged pores, discoloration, hydration, excess oil production, etc. But you want to choose a primer for your skin-type and needs.

For oily skin: a mattifying primer will work best on oily skin to soak up excess oils.

For sensitive skin: you want to look for a primer formulated without oil, silicones, fragrances, or parabens.

For dry skin: you want a primer that has a gel formula and that has hydrating benefits.

For combination skin: you may have dry skin in certain areas, but a problem with enlarged pores and oiliness in the T-zone area. To get the right primer for you, you will want to mix and match by using a mattifying primer in the T-zone and a hydrating primer wherever your skin may need it.

6. Laying on brow filler too thick.

This being a common makeup mistake making your brows appear way too harsh and drawn on. When applying your brow filler, stick to short, feathery strokes instead of pressing down too hard or dragging lines all the way across. Brush them out with a spoolie to help soften the harsh pencil or powder lines giving your brows a more natural appearance. And remember to blend, blend, blend!

I really hope this post was helpful in someway. Are you guilty of committing any of these makeup mistakes? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

21 January 2016



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