March, 16


How to Prepare Your Body For Spring

Are we ready for spring? Mentally we’ve been prepared for this season for a couple of months, but physically – well, not so much. Since it’s already March, it’s high time we started taking care of our bodies again, since spring is the introduction to summer, when we have to get our best body game on. And what better time to start than now? The beginning of spring is the ideal t...

March, 09


Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products

Today I am sharing my top 5 current makeup products from the drugstore! It was pretty hard for me to choose only 5 products, but as I sat down and went through my makeup it became pretty easy because I do reach for these products a lot! I've did reviews on all of them except 2. Okay, so enough rambling let's get started shall we? 1. LA Girl Pro HD Concealer I love this concea...

March, 04


How to Multi-Mask For Great Skin

Everyone loves a good skin mask. After cleansing, there’s no better feeling than slathering on a detoxifying or brightening mask and sitting in front of your favorite Netflix show with a glass of wine. It’s one of my favorite beauty rituals that I never skip. A popular trend that made waves within the last year is multi-masking. Basically, multi-masking is a technique where yo...