Essence Trend Edition – Happy Girls Are Pretty

Happiness is the key! We all know that a smile is the most gorgeous make-up, so the new essence trend edition “happy girls are pretty” is going to underline the natural beauty of all girls from February until March 2016. The colour scheme consists of delightful pastel shades complemented by brown nuances that are sure to flatter all beauties. The ultra slim eye pencil with an extra thin mine creates fine, accurate eyeliner styles, while the contouring set accentuates the facial features and adds expression. The nails shine in six cool colours with three different effects. Loving designs with a knit-look reminiscent of the cozy time of year decorate the blush as well as the nail file. Be happy, feel pretty … with essence!

Essence happy girls are pretty – eyeshadow palette

Pretty beautiful. The eyeshadow palettes are available in two versions with five colours each: vanilla, apricot, pink, grey and beige or apricot, beige and three different brown shades. A matching colour for every single happy moment! The ball of wool with “knit” lettering dances across the entire palette and is a cute eye-catcher. Available in 01 happiness is … seeing your smile and 02 happiness is … following your heart. Around R67.50*
Essence happy girls are pretty – ultra slim eye pencil

Precision work! The ultra slim eye pencil with an extra thin applicator is ideal for creating fine, accurate lines. The eyes are beautifully emphasized in cool grey and trendy brown. Available in 01 happy girls rock and 02 the choco side of life. Around R38.95*
Essence happy girls are pretty – sheer lipbalm

Soft lips. The lipstick comes in a practical stick-shape so it’s always close at hand in a choice of delicate colours like soft pink and a flattering rosewood tone. The light texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and makes them nice and smooth. Available in 01 pretty you! and 02 live, laugh, love and repeat. Around R44.50*


Essence happy girls are pretty – multi colour blush

Lovely cheeks! The mutli colour blush with a cute knit-print in light rosé ensures lovely rosy cheeks, while the more intensive shade adds a fresh highlight. The pretty heart embossment is a true eye-catcher, too! Available in 01 you sweeten my day!. Around R57.95*


Essence happy girls are pretty – contouring set

Happy as ever. the contouring set is ideal for naturally emphasizing your facial features. The matt contouring powder adds a touch of shade while the fine-shimmering highlighter accentuates the cheekbones. The supple texture blends smoothly. Available in 01 happiness is … a way of life. Around R63.50*
Essence happy girls are pretty – nail polish

Messengers in a bottle! It’s easy to create trendy nail styles with the nail polishes, which are available in six pastel shades with cool effects ranging from plain to satin. They offer great coverage and are sure to put a smile on your face with their high gloss finish. Available in 01 make me smile, 02 happy girls rock, 03 enjoy the little things, 04 just happy!, 05 pretty you! and 06 the choco side of life. Around R34.95*
Essence happy girls are pretty – 2 in 1 nail file

Cute file… the 2 in 1 nail file keeps nails in shape in a flash as one side gently shortens while the other shapes. And nail styling sessions are sure to be twice as nice with the cute heart print! Available in 01 keep calm and be happy. Around R34.95*
Essence “happy girls are pretty” will be available in stores from February to March 2016

01 February 2016



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