June, 01


Why You Need Quality Beauty Products For Your Nails

You’ve probably experienced that one day in your life when you got nothing to do and your mind starts wandering off in a sea of endless random topics which include questions about your body. Whether you deny it or not, you’re probably guilty of not knowing your own body very well despite your years of existence on earth. “Why is this body part so important and how do we take ca...

May, 30


Lin Skincare – Review

Face balms have become my recent obsession. They are one of the most moisturizing formulations on the market. If you live somewhere that has cold, harsh temperatures, you need something like a balm to protect your skin. Low humidity levels inside and out draw moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, flaky and vulnerable. I'm reviewing a balm from local skincare brand, Lin. Befo...

May, 08


5 Foods to Eat for Amazing Skin

When many of us think about ‘beauty’, our minds almost always go to our outer looks. And when we think about ‘natural beauty’, we still often tend to think of how we look on the outside. But what about the inside? How we treat and take care of the inside of our body affects our outside just as much as any makeup, cream, or serum does - if not more. Now I am not talking about b...

April, 23


Homespun Artisan Skincare – Review

There's one product formulation that's been around for some time now and hasn't gotten the hype I think it deserves and that is: powder formulated products. If you're not familiar with this, let me quickly get you up to speed. These formulations contain dry ingredients that need to be activated by mixing them with water or milk. They're extremely beneficial for the skin and as ...

April, 01


The Truth About Clean Beauty

Clean beauty goes by many names: green, nontoxic, natural, holistic, eco, organic. Despite the many names, all of these terms share the same principal: pure and free from ingredients that have been proven toxic time and time again. Slowly but surely, the world is picking up on the Clean Beauty Movement. Everyone has their reasons; whether you’re newly pregnant, an animal lover,...